Saturday, March 2, 2013

Free e-book

I am receiving many repeat questions on this blog, and I realize that some of you are not scrolling through all the answers going back several years. Thus, to make it easy for you, I have compiled all of the questions and answers into a PDF, which you can download here:

I have also included in this PDF for free my two books HOW TO LAND (AND KEEP) A LITERARY AGENT and HOW TO WRITE A GREAT QUERY LETTER. This file has over 400 pages of invaluable information. Please read it before posting questions here.

Below is the table of contents of questions asked. All are answered in this file.


Table of Contents

*  Should my agent let me know which publishers/editors have read my work, and provide me with copies of the rejection letters?
*  I am just starting out and have never been published. What should I put in my bio?
*  My agent is unwilling to sell world rights to my book. What should I do?
*  How does one land a job as a literary agent?
*  Should I revise my work for a prospective agent?
*  Can I fire my agent mid-submission?
*  Should I query an agent with several books at once?
*  Once I land an agent, how long does it take to land a book deal?
*  What is the ideal page count for a first novel?
*  How many agents should I approach?
*  If my agent doesn’t like my next book, should I fire him?
*  Why won’t publishers respond?
*  How long should I wait to hear back about my manuscript?
*  How many copies must a book sell to be considered a success?
*  Will being published by a small press help my career?
*  Can self-publishing damage your career?
*  Is there a market for literary fiction set in a country outside of the United States?
*  Can I be represented by two literary agents?
*  Should I finish the manuscript of my novel before submitting to agents?
*  Do agents really read the first five pages? Or just the first five sentences?
*  What do you look for in a logline?
*  How do I find out what agent represents a novel in my genre?
*  Is my agent (even if fired) entitled to commission my option book?
*  Do some agents give up if a manuscript doesn't sell in the first round of submissions?
*  Is it normal to have different agents for U.S. and international publication?
*  Is it detrimental to have your book published as a trade paperback original?
*  Is editor turnaround so high that you can re-submit in just a few years?
*  Should I pay a fee to have my work published?
*  Should I pay to have my work published?
*  Can I self-publish my ebook while pursuing a print deal?
*  My agent is not responding. What should I do?
*  Is my age a problem?
*  Does my novel have to be set in America?
*  Should I use a pseudonym?
*  Should I serialize my entire novel on my blog?
*  How many revisions?
*  How long should I wait for my agent?
*  Was I correct to accept a deal directly from a publisher?
*  How should I handle my sales history?
*  Will an agent represent me just for one genre of fiction?
*  How do I switch agents?
*  Can I post excerpts of my work online?
*  Can I re-submit after revision?
*  Will my location affect my ability to land a deal?
*  Should I submit to magazines first?
*  Do I need photographs?
*  Which publishers should I submit to?
*  Can I submit requested material via email?
*  Can I submit to multiple agents simultaneously?
*  How to phrase my query letter?
*  Should memoir be treated as fiction?
*  Should I add anything extra in my query letter?
*  Is it more important for the story to be well done or marketable?
*  If I self-publish first, will it hurt my chances?

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  1. Hi Noah - I have a question for you. Would an agent be annoyed if I submitted an ms to her under a pen name? The reason I ask is because I am a published writer but my books haven't taken off the way it was expected. At this moment in time, I would like to move on from my present agent, but I feel that if I go seeking another agent under my real name, my back list will be examined and I will be turned down because I failed to 'make' it. I just want to be judged on my work and not on past disasters:)Would an agent understand this? Thanks.


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